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Ningbo Iceage Magnet Co., Ltd
Ningbo Iceage Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd

Add:Unit 703 China-Base Plaza, No. 666 Tiantong South Rd., Ningbo 315100, China
Tel: +86-574-89020987
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Ningbo Iceage Magnet Co., Ltd is a professional enterprise which is specialized in manufacturing and exporting permanent magnets, include NdFeB magnet, Ferrite magnet, Alnico magnet and Smco magnet. We also manufacture the magnet assembly, such as Permanent magnet lifter, Permanent magnet chuck, Magnet pot and Magnet hook, etc. Our products widly applied in Auto, Motor, National defence, Speaker, Mobile Phone, Medical machines (MRI) and other instruments, etc. After several-years steady exploitation and expansion, our export turnover increased rapidly, our magnets was well sold to North American, European and Asian market and our main customers are the world famous companies such as LG, BOSCH, GM, etc. Our present production capacity is over 800 tons per year.
We located in Ningbo , China, which is a very developed city and has a big seaport nearby. It is very convenient to arrange the sea delivery and air flight.
Depending on advanced technology and knight service, we establish a good and diligent team and keep nice business relationship with a large amount of worthy clients in global market. We are prepared to provide the best products to clients at competitive price. In addition to control of cost and quality, our stipulated lead-time, variety of designs, capability of product development and flexibility of service bring convenience and value added services to the clients.
Adhering to the principles of " Small Profit, Large sales Volume", we hope to cooperate with all partners for mutual success.

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