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Ferrite magnet
Name:Ferrite magnet
Ferrite/Ceramic magnets are among the most popular permanent magnets available today. They are made form a combination of either Barium or Strontium Ferrite and Iron Oxide, and exhibit a high degree of coercive strength, making them more resistant to demagnetization. They are a low-cost solution to a wide array of magnetic component applications.
Ferrite/Ceramic magnets can be produced with either isotropic or anisotropic properties. The most common grades produced are C1, C5, and C8. C1 material exhibits the lowest energy product, however it is isotropic – indicating that it can be magnetized in any direction. It should be noted that slightly more magnetic strength will be realized when parts are magnetized through the pressing (usually the shortest) dimension.
Hard Ferrite magnets have excellent corrosion resistance and have normal operating capabilities between -40°C and +250°C. . At very low temperatures there is a risk of permanent demagnetization in magnet systems with low working points.

Grade Wb/m2 Br KA/m BHc KJ/m2 (BH) max
Gs Oe MGOe
      Y25 3500-3900 0.35-0.39 152-208 1900-2600 22.3-25.5 2.8-3.2
      Y30 3800-4200 0.38-0.42 160-216 2000-2700 26.3-29.5 3.3-3.7
      Y35 4000-4400 0.40-0.44 176-224 2200-2800 30.3-33.4 3.8-4.2
      Y15H 3100 0.31 232-248 2900-3100 17.5 2.2
      Y20H 3400 0.34 248-264 3100-3300 21.5 2.7
      Y25BH 3600-3900 0.36-0.39 176-216 2200-2700 23.9-27.1 3.0-3.4
      Y30BH 3800-4000 0.38-0.40 224-240 2800-3000 27.1-30.3 3.4-3.8
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